She begins to play flute at 11 at Secondary school "Giovanni Pascoli" of Erchie and successively at Conservatory "Giovanni Paisiello" of Taranto.From 2013 she studies flute at Conservatory "E.R. Duni" of Matera where she obtains the degree (Italian grade 108/110).

She takes part in differents workshops with many artists like Antonio Amenduni, Luigi Facchini, Geoff Warren, Claude Lefebvre, Francisco Garcia Castro, Lothar Sthal, Jeans Pollheide, Mik Quantius, Carlo Mascolo.
She takes part in many concerts as a member of orchestra and solist.

From 2013 to 2015 she takes part in the flute orchestra " Flute in progress", with which she partecipates at EXPO Milano whitin the Italian Stand. In 2015 the orchestra "Flute in progress" wins differents competitions.In 2015 and 2016 partecipates at "Free Flow Festival" where she knows more artists of improvised music like Jens Pollheide, George Hadow, Mik Quantius, Lothar Stahl, Yedo Gibson, Vasco Trilla, Luiz Rocha, Almudena Vega, Ada Rave.

In the accademic year 2015/2016 she takes part at the European project Erasmus+ and she studies at Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Canaria in Tenerife in which she comes in contact with teachers like Francisco Garcia Castro, Mara Gauber, Ivàn Roja, Frank Temoche.

Starting from 2016 she collaborates with the "Kerlox Dynamic Project".