Piano / Synthesizer

Born in Italy, Apulia, began playing the piano at the age of 12, with a purely classical upbringing yet devoted to composition and improvisation.

In 2010 he participated in International Jazz workshop "Orsara Jazz Festival" where he studied with John Tchicai, David Weiss, Billy Harper and the pianist Greg Burk. With him he begun studying the language of jazz and improvisation. In 2016 he graduated in jazz piano at the Music Conservatory "Nino Rota" of Monopoli with pianist Gianni Lenoci, with a thesis focused on the afroamerican saxophone player Ornette Coleman, reviewed by the pianist Marco Di Battista.

During these years he actively participated in workshops of instant composition and creative music with: Greg Burk, Gianni Lenoci, Steve Potts, Keith Tippett, Sabir Mateen, Nicola Guazzaloca, Carlo Mascolo, Embryo, Mik Quantius, Marc Ducret, Sylvano Bussotti, Stefano Luigi Mangia, Eugenio Colombo, François Choiselat, Marco Di Battista, Marcello Magliocchi, Yedo Gibson, Carlos Zingaro, Paulo Chagas.

He has worked with various projects such as: "Kayros Duo" with guitarist Antonio Colangelo, "Bemollansemble", variable geometry orchestra with whom he won the "New Generation Award" in the JazzUp Festival of Viterbo in 2012, and also "Divertimento Maclé", orchestra of 54 pianos directed by Maestro Piotr Lachert.

In 2013 Michele Russo together with saxophonist Giovanni Longo composed the original music for the short film "The Cage", and also with Jose Carlos Bellantuono made the short film "Love & Merda" (video-art for environmental protection).

He was also one of the organizers of the "Free Frame" festival for improvised video and music in 2014. As well as “Spazio Libero”, an event focused on the redefinition of urban space and street art, which is also held in Monopoli, Italy.

Currently he collaborates with the group "Kerlox Dynamic Project", with whom he participated in three international festivals of improvised music, such as "Free Flow Festival 2015" in Altamura, "Clockstop Fest 2015" in Noci, "MIA 2015 - Encontro de Música de Atouguia Improvisada da Baleia"in Portugal.

In 2016 he is actively involved in pre-festival exhibition "Waiting for Free Flow Festival", with the project "The Zebra and The Elephant", a duo with drummer, Giovanni Martella. 

He is also organizer of fifth edition of Free Flow Fest, which involved national and international artist from the avant-garde scene.