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Itinerant festival of improvised music

Experimentation and research, sound and structure are the main pillars of the 4th Free Flow Festival, the four cardinal points toward which new musics move, those ones that live and grow in small clubs, squots, private houses and the few places where sound is the main actor like recording studios and theatres.

The history of music teaches that the sound, today more than ever, is an "harmonic" mixture of frequencies of different origins, both acoustic and, after the invention of electrìcity, electroacoustic and the combination of them. So, the sound as the centroid of music.

When your eyes are closed, the music is focused in its details, far from the misunderstanding visual perception, you listen to it more carefully and carefree: the best condition to catch the various shades of the sound space fitted out in this Free Flow Festival.

In this way, you will be able to taste those timbrical mixtures already present in the new musics that characterized the second half of the 20th century, such as contemporary music, electroacoustic music and free jazz.

This edition of the Free Flow Festival is in perfect accord with this kind of music, availed of instant composition and video art. The artists partecipating in the Free Flow Festival come from all around the world: Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, USA, England, France, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Palestine and of course, Italy.

They will have live performances and will be the conductors of the workshops for musicians, music students and children, in the way to exchange concretely their professional experiences, showing new possibilities about how to transform the sound matter and to improvise.

Moreover, there will be both a workshop about the building of the "cupa cupa", a traditional ephemeral instrument with many surprising and contemporary resources, and a workshop about the expressive potentialities of the voice.

As there is sound, there is music.

As there is creativity, there is evolution.


Partnership of FFF

Officine Culturali “Peppino Impastato” - Gravina (Bari)

Assessorato e Comune di Irsina (Matera)

Festival dei Claustri - Altamura (Bari)

Onyx jazz club - (Matera)

Ex Asilo Filangieri - (Napoli)

S.I.G. di Ginevra - (Svizzera)

Austrian Musica Export - (Austria)

M.I.A. - (Portogallo) 

Performing Arts Fun - (Olanda) 

Artists involved in Free Flow Festival since 2012 to 2016

Suricato (Colombia), Yedo Gibson (Brasile), Renato Ferreira (Brasile), Luiz Rocha (Brasile), Ada Rave (Argentina), Nicolàs Chientaroli (Argentina), Vasco Trilla (Spagna), Almudena Vega (Spagna), Carlos Zingaro (Portogallo), Abdul Moimême (Portogallo), Paulo Chagas (Portogallo), João Perdo Viegas (Portogallo), Embryo (Germania), Jens Pollheide (Germania), Lothar Stahl (Germania), Mik Quantius (Germania), George Hadow (Inghilterra), Mia Zabelka (Austria), Guy-Franc Pellerin (Francia), Jean-Marc Foussat (Francia), Jacques Levavasseur (Francia), Sofia Kakouri (Grecia), Dirar Kalash (Palestina), Esat Ekincioglu (Turchia), Seyed Pourya Jaberi (Iran), Andreas Fulgosi (Svizzera), Spinifex (Olanda), John Dikeman (USA), Lori Goldston (USA), Kerlox Dynamic Project (Italia), Michele Lomuto (Italia), Carlo Mascolo (Italia), Achille Mascolo (Italia), Domenico Saccente (Italia), Domenico Acquaviva (Italia), Michele Russo (Italia), Felice Furioso (Italia), Azzurra Carrozzo (Italia), Raffaele Marcosano (Italia), Donato Maragno (Italia), Alfredo Cornacchia (Italia), Silvia Corda (Italia), Adriano Orrù (Italia), Mauro Medda (Italia), Giovanni Martella (Italia), Nicolò Petrafesa (Italia), Francesco Massaro (Italia), Mariasole De Pascali (Italia), Marialuisa Capurso (Italia), Vittorio Gallo (Italia), Marcello Magliocchi (Italia), Gianni Lenoci (Italia), Feed Band (Italia), Marco Malasomma (Italia), Luca Antonazzo (Italia), Marco Colonna (Italia), Vittorino Curci (Italia), Gianni Console (Italia), Donato Console (Italia), Giuseppe Tria (Italia), Wetfootwolt Hold Off (Italia), Nicola Guazzaloca (Italia), Carla Genchi (Italia), Pedro G. Fernandez (Spagna), Vito Basile (Italia), Daniele Lillo (Italia), Stefano Spataro (Italia), Quartetto Capodoglio (Italia), Vito Savino (Italia), Francesco Fornarelli (Italia), Mondegreen (Italia), Giacomo Mongelli (Italia), Pier Paolo Martino (Italia), Adolfo La Volpe (Italia), Dario Nitti (Italia), Michele Magno (Italia), Gaetano Corallo (Italia), Pippo Marzulli (Italia), Giuseppe Doronzo (Italia).