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Associazione Culturale Muzic Plus

Project description

Everyday use of mass media and new media (tv, computer, tablet, smartphone) are symbols of nowadays contemporary culture of standardization. It has strongly modified the use of art as an emotional period of time.

Essensum” performance has the aim to raise creative processes through the sound-imagine/imagine-sound interaction. The dialogue between video-art and music moves on the improvisation-feedback direction, the output which modifies the input.  

The analogic-digital video-art creates color combinations act to produce mental associations, and moving frescos (wall paintings-like), through the use of projections and shots processed in real time. Those are voluntary manipulated by the author’s hand or by the audience shadows. By the mean of multiple displays (old TVs, lcd monitors, projectors) there’s a comparison between various devices and their characteristics (cromia, brightness, image density, resolution), focus the attention on technology obsolescence concept and environmental sustainability. 

The music, composed in real time, works on “raw” sound matter, leaving complete freedom to musicians of manipulation and exploration. By unconventional approach, mixed timbre among acoustic and electronic instruments is generated, figures nourished by these raw sounds. Prepared instruments, sound objects, ephemeral instruments, expand the capability of unconventional musical language.

The audience takes part to performance by moving within environmental installation, through a programmed mapping of sound and visive events (environmental video, garbage, «objet trouvé»). The mapping consists of a series of events that can be freely manipulated, in which the value of the creative process becomes collective rituality rather than just consumption.


Assemblage fuses the artistic experience of five creative people (four out of five are musicians and last is a visual artist). Since so far they work in the underground scene of Apulia (Italy), creating multimedial performances in order to stimulate the meditation on contemporary subjects like artistic language regression and humans-machines relationship. Promoters and researches in the field of contemporary art work together in a kind of symbiosis between music and visual art.

Each experience goes through a strict organization of events and festivals of avant-garde music and videos like the Free Flow Fest and Free Frame Festival, international festival like MIA Festival in Portugal, the Klangfest in Austria, Impro Jam in Nederlands; installations and photographic and filming productions like: Plastic Message, Aisthesis, Impronte Secolari «L’urlo dell’ulivo», The Cage, Love&Merda


Jose Carlos Bellantuono_ video-art and installation

Carlo Mascolo_ prepared trombone

Domenico Saccente_ accordion

Michele Russo_ piano, synthesizer

Felice Furioso_ drums, cupa cupa 

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